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About ME

erictulgaMy name is eRic…. I hate filling these things out.. cause i feel like its for a dating service or something weird like that.. Im going to make this short sweet and real simple.. I love my Jesus he is amazing! and I love people (ELE…everybodyloveeverybody) try to live life that way haha..

Hobbies…, anything active, sports oo yeah(football(bengals), baseball(cubs), basketball(cavs), futbol(manchester united)) SURFING AND SNOWBOARDING…movies of all gens, playing some guitar, gettin into the word, oooo yeah.. gettin my face rocked completely off while worshiping my God!

Jobs: Army Wives (yes its on LIFETIME tv for women…dont hate) English Custom Closets(sub-contractor)

Goal in LIfe: Be a Youth Pastor

Favorite ditty from the Bible: Romans 12:1-2


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