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Abundant Life?

mailgooglecom3Man i havent done think in a long time…. yay time for a vent and maybe i learn something from this whole process.. what has been going on in my life the last few months… eric has been poor… yep official poor.. how much is in my wallet right now is $7 to my name completely… but somehow my bills are gettin paid, which by the grave of god, my mother has lend me money…i owe my mother soo much…

the last few months, because of the economy and other reasons like my boss is slack.. i just havent had jobs for the closet company and i really havent received a paycheck in 3 weeks or more.. i have been living off of noodles and  dressing and peanut butter sandwiches for more than a month… when my life before was really good, an i ate out all the time and wasted soo much money on food.. i never really knew how much going out to eat kills your wallet.  but because of this, i have learned to rely only on god providing for me, which has stretched me beyond all measure… it has helped me with prayer… to pray and believe what i pray, because god provides.. and if we have faith we can move mountains..  im coming up on another rent due soon. because of this i asked my boss for help, which he told me he would… so for 2 weeks he told me he would front me money to pay for rent and utilities, so i based my life on that… and ate nothing and only drove to church and back, for the youth and for the thorn practices.   but this week i received a phone call from my boss telling me that he wouldnt help me anymore more cause he didnt want to have to deal with owing me money, which i understand, but i wish he wouldnt have told me he would help me out in the first place so i could go out and get a new job to live….

well this week after him telling me this, i was soo angry, and cried for abit.. and didnt know what to do besides get a new job. i took me about a week for finally get one which i worked today being my first day poogans porch…as a server….and of course me and my family is taking a vacation this weekend, what perfect timing lol, i dont care i am way to blessed… but rent is due next week on the 5th… and i have $7…. i need $400…. how its going to happen i dont know.. but i am praying that God will provide somehow…its not that i am being lazy cause i am working everyday til i leave and will work everyday when i get back… its just i just started a new job.weak! i am praying that god will provide..i think the more times i say the more i believe i hate hitting my parents up for money.. it seriously kills me…cause what kind of man am i to have to do that?  but i am taking my own life into my own hands…

the lesson… dont always put your hope and full trust into people even if they are christian.. because they arent Jesus.they have a sin nature in them…. and they fail too… i am not mad at my boss anymore. i forgive him. and have moved on and i am done with the rollarcoaster of when i am going to recieve money and when i am not… which was a great lesson…through storms you learn the most!!!

i also had a awesome conversation randomly with a friend real late at night, when i was drugged up with PM cold meds…. about how she cant completely understand god…..

which somehow came out of my mouth tonight at small group about it..a understanding of not understanding hahah….

We can never understand God, to undestand something is to completely know it…u cant completely understand god, hints why when you read the same verse over and over again year after year you get something new from it, in different times of your life. like when “old christians” get excited about finding something new they never saw in the bible.  you cant completely understand god. you only get little glimpses of it. little tiny lights. if you say you understand something about god.then you are either god, or selfrighteous. i am takling to myself. because when you say you dont understand something, you are always learning about it, cause you never completely get it.when you understand something you are at a stand still.which i think defines the relationship with god and you. if you are lukewarm you think you understand god.u you are a christian(christ follower) then you dont understand it, you strive to know more, to read about him daily, pray to him to get to know him more, look for him everywhere, you go to church to learn from others, go to small groups to hear about what he is doing in other lives and to learn more, u surround yourself with Jesus.

where that came from i dont know..


Katya Popova

Katya Popova


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