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d40earlier today, i recieved a text, telling me that someone at church saw some pics of me on facebook, that needed to be discussed, my first thought was what? hahah really, cause i thought for a second and i know, that i havent done anything wrong, and then i began to second guess my self… but knowing that i didnt do anything wrong, i wondered what these pics were of….a couple of weeks ago i went to a very small oyster cook out, at a friends house, and everyone there was having a drink or so, A. everyone there was over 21 or 21, that was drinking… turns out, me not looking at my pictures hard enough noticed, a beer or so in the pics, also noticed these beers look like they are close to me, and maybe even looked like they could be mine, especially to someone that wasnt there…. my first thought was wow, even though i know i dont really need to clear this up, cause they werent mine, was crap what are the high school/middle schoolers going to think, for all they know im at a party gettin drunk, cause alot of the pics were of me jumping up and acting crazy like i always am…

but to a youth, who knows what they are thinking, then again to my small group whom, i talk about drinking and partying, how i say its in my past, what they must think i am a hipocrit i am..even though i wasnt being one, i am at a place in my life where its feels good to say no, or to be the only one at a party not drinking or a bar, i dont need to drink to have a good time, i dont need to drink to be socialable, i dont need a drink to be “cool”… but anyways

just being in ministry and especially wanting to pursue a career in youth ministry has been making think about more things, that i normally dont think about, like being in pictures with alcohol in it, and it not even be mine… where as a normal or whatever person would not think twice, i know now i have to, not because i live this secret life that nobody needs to know about, its that i dont want people to get the wrong idea of me, think that i am doing something i am not, like drinking…

ahh, today i was soo mad at myself, and was such a good life lesson, that the people god has called into ministry he has for a reason, and wants us to be extra careful about life situations, because we could be leading somone into the wrong path…. that always makes me alittle nervous about ministry, about leading people the wrong way or making think something i didnt mean… the more you know the more you will be judged says the bible, and the leaders will be judged more aswell…but that will never stop me, just motivate me to say and do the right thing, as much as i can!

ministry is tough, hard, obviously not as easy as some people think, a constant stretch on how you think you should live your life(ha), but in the end sooooooooo rewarding! how cool is it that God has placed you in a role to bring people closer to Christ???!!!!??? though being a volunteer at seacoast, i dont think i have ever been so stretched in my life, doing things i never thought i would a year ago, and will continue to go that way forever, aslong as I stay wanting to be radical for Christ, which I WILL!

so i thought i would share this, maybe to clear some stuff maybe in your hear about me, but mainly to express what i learned today…thank you for reading, comment if you want to!






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