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Why do we Fast?

This Wednesday I went on a fast, for family reasons… this had to have been the best thing I have done with my God in a long time… I cant remember a day where I spent, so much time in prayer and in the word then this last Wednesday, in a long time, or maybe ever… maybe cause what I was fasting for I wanted God to intervene soo bad, or wanted this persons heart to completely break for jesus.. but what is a fast.. a fast is taken the place where we would spend time eating or watching tv or playing around on the computer with prayer or in the word, we replace things we normally do with time with God.. I choose food & computer for a day…haha.. i was only going to do my computer, but then one of my friends, challenged me to do no foodas well… immediately my first thought was what? thats too much, i only want to fast from one thing, and i think computer is enough! then felt something tugging on my heart… eric are you serious? and i immediately thought why not.. also which made it hard was I had the day off from work and any of my church activities, so I confined myself at my house, and worshiped and just spent all day with my Lord.. what was extremely encouraging was knowing my whole family was in the fast as well… and Im pretty sure im not alone in this my whole family learned alot from that day….

which also made me think.. why dont we fast more? why do some of us only fast one day a year, for lent? I mean i think lent is great cause fasting from anything to replace with Jesus time is fantastic.. but is lent enough? are we content with one time a year? I am only speaking for myself… i mean i have done fasts before with churches, before i dated someone, and things like that… but not nearly as often as I would truly like to do…

I think im going to make a challenge to myself right now, that I fast 1 once a month, or maybe more… spending that much time with jesus is sooo good!… and only makes me miss it when its done… because he is our joy and only hope… because if we didnt have his hope, what would be the point of living or doing the things we do?

The reason for the fast…. my family was gettin extremely depressed and mourning over this person… and one night at The Well (20s something ministry night 7:27 at seacoast) while standing on the side, waiting for anyone to come up to be prayed over, didnt happen, what happen instead this person was completely breaking my heart, and the Lord spoke to me, to fast, and not just me the whole family… and of course knowing my family and their love for jesus and this person.. they were all on board!

Nehemiah 1 really stood out to me, which im reading with my mentor, it says while he was weeping and mourning he continued to fast… that really spoke to me, what am I doing, trying to carry this burden alone, and sometimes asking god to take this from me, and help the situation in any way possible.. but am I really showing the Lord I want his hand in it? no… therefore a fast was definitely necessary!

this day… really showed me my relationship with jesus, and how I am clearly not spending enough time with him, and how Im basing my relationship with him completely on my works… I literally spend soo much time with leading small groups and doing them…

soo fast, dont look it as something that stinks or a task, look at it as a opportunity to spend 10x more time with the God who loves you soo much!


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