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Lately God has been really working on me alot!!!!! all because i said that prayer LORD search me! turns out eric doesnt trust God with his wallet enough… i have been gettin pretty slack about tithing and giving money to others in need, especially since i do not live at home anymore i feel like i need every cent to live where i live…. i went from alot of money in my account to being desperate for money right now… its not cause ive been spending it on all these stupid things of this world, its cause i havent had a job to do at work in 2.5 weeks! and its been killing me!!! so i have been budgeting like crazy!

last week praise Jesus! my grandparents and mom came here, with tons of grocerys ahhh what a blessing, with my situation!!! plus i love seeing them anyways! they are my favorite! i need to spend more time with them! the day they leave me, man i will fall apart!

ok… soo after this hits me omg rents due on the 5th of october! i need a job cause i need money fast! i go out and look everywhere! starbucks, east shore(which currently i have a job there), terminix, and others!

anyways one day at the gym, i went through my podcasts of newspring church, and there was only that i hadnt listened to… one about MONEY! hahah God is awesome!

the best thing i got from the whole message was “WE TELL GOD WE HAVE OUR WHOLE HEART, BUT WE DONT TRUST GOD WITH OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!” WHAT THATS SOO ME! WHEN I RUN LOW ON MONEY I DONT TITHE AND TRUST him with it! ALSO I WORRIED ABOUT MONEY SOO MUCH! I WORRIED HOW MUCH IM GOING TO MAKE THIS WEEK WHAT AM I ALLOWED TO SPEND… why do i do this, it controls me!   why do i worry about how much im going to be making when i grow up, when can i buy my next cool thing….

something i need to realize more and more is i am fricken rich! compared to the entire world i am rich rich rich! not that i am rich cause Jesus is my Lord, but that is true also, but i mean i am RICH WITH CASH! and so are you, if you are reading this you are really really rich!

and you know what they say about in the bible how hard it is for the rich to get into heaven! like a camel going through the eye of the needle! haha what!  why would God say that! but it makes sense! seriously anytime im doing really well on money, i take my focus off of God and onto what can i buy next, surfboard, xbox 360, omg shoes, ha, but i do! rich people on mtv with lots of money have 200 million square foot houses and they are single living alone, and have 20 cars.. seriously do you think this is glorifying the lord by having this much stuff, or a wall thats gold (master p)… just some things, im not saying i know master p’s relationship with the lord is like… but i am saying when im doing awesome in money, i take god out of my wallet and put it into something “better” like going out to eat or a new xbox game…

just hearing all these… i have put it on the cross given God my wallet completely, and trusting him to provide one way or another for my rent…. (but a misconception i think some christians think is oohh yeah gods going to provide for me no matter what, even if i sit on my butt) haha no, God isnt going to spoon feed you.. your entire life, if he did that then i dont think his love would be that pure… just like parents if they pay for everything you entire life, when you get out into the real world you freak out! cause omg they are the most random expenses…

Gods wants to provide for you, but you need to get out there and give him a reason to do so, go work! the harder you work the more territory he will give you, whether that is more money or just more duties, or put you in a job where its not only a job but its a ministry tool…like my job at petsmart, i hated working there, but come to find out eric was the ONLY CHRISTIAN IN THE ENTIRE STORE! how weird is that, nobody even went to church there, let alone a christ follower… people came to me for wisdom alot, and i was the youngest there, also they ask me weird questions like eric why dont you cuss??? and i would tell them… sometimes i was made fun of, but most of the time i think they respected me and my views on life, and wanted to know more and more… cause i was seriously the happiest person that worked there, and they wanted to know why i was soo happy all the time… the joy of having an amazing Jesus is def something to be excited about! and was confusing for them to understand, but until that vail is lifted from their eyes, it will always sound dumb or weird….

i get off topic sometimes… ADHD or being tired you pick….


the thing i want to leave you with the most is a lyric from the dumbest song out there right now.. well not the dumbest but one of them…

“CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME, DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YALL” i know it was a wu-tang song.. but now i think its whatever his name is…


why would be let a stupid thing like money control us…


but i am not saying money is the root of all evil, dont get me wrong.. money does alot of good things too! mission trips, food for your belly.. taking a homeless guy out to lunch… buying coffee for the one you mentor and talk about jesus… there are many good things we do with money! but dont let it control you!

Hebrews 13:5
Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”


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