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His ways are soo much Greater than Mine!

J's flower!man its been awhile since ive written something, just felt completely led to write something down, cause God completely takes over my hands, and i forget 90% of what i put down on these things..

Well lately my life God has just been blessing me like crazy and I had yet to go through any sort of storm, which in the back of my head wondering when that time will come up.  I was in church the other day on saturday and Greg my pastor was preaching, and that morning i was super tired for some reason of staying up til the weeeeeehours of the morning for my bday ha.. but i was in church and i began to fill overwhelmed with the thought of me ever being a preacher.. after listening to greg my head began to race like crazy, thoguhts i would never have thought blew up.. i opened my mind up to satan during church! and he blew it up for me.. i began to feel that omg im not suppose to do this, im not that funny, i could never talk that long, what if i talk to fast and i couldnt make the hr mark, im not qualified at all, im not that bright of a guy, then it hit me im not gettin anything out of this message, whoa what if one day somebody says that in their head about me, how disapointing is that?… then God does what he always does to me and blunts slaps me, and says eric chill out man, trust me… but i kinda blew it off, cause people always says this when you have thoughts like that.. Trust in God… what does that mean to you? ok back to the story.. then i heard greg talking about his son in law asking him to DATE his daughter! DATE..ive never heard of that, that sounds crazy to me, completely crazy.. but this message was for me, wow God is good… im 100% in the situation where I am about to start to date this girl, and need some words of wisdom to get this one right this time! and what greg said at first i thought was crazy, but now think its a must… so i have yet to do this but im going to call him and ask for a coffee date or something.. this thought doesnt scare me until i step in that store and make that phone call..  sunday i told her i needed to take 3 days of prayer and fasting from you, to see if we should go any further…

monday turned out to be just what i needed.. i met up with my friend’s in the morning for some coffee… one friend being a youth pastor, to help him get some ideas for this weeks message… we went through luke 15.. such an awesome parrable, of the man whom had 100 sheep and noticed in his herd there was only 99, and left all 99 sheep to go look for the 1 lost sheep, and when he found that sheep, he gabbed it and threw it over his shoulder and carried it home and they had a celebration..  go read it..

anyways talk to him about the message this weekend, cause he was one of the ones whom married one of the pastor’s daughters! soo it was perfect! and he helped me soo much! soo much wisdom!.. this time i think everything is going to right, ive never seeked wisdom before i got into a relationship or took time to fast and pray, or just pray about it day and night!… usually i seek her myself without god’s help or anyone elses opinion and then when i get what i want, i ask for help in situations, when usually the answer is eric you could have fixed this before you started dating..  This also is crazy in a sense that when you surrender it to God, he has full control of it, so it could take as long as he wants, or he could blow it up, or he could make it soo i am married in a year i dont know.. i just saying.. since ive let him in now.. i cant say no to him of what he wants! but with this message and through prayer, i know now what he wants…. God shut a couple of doors in my life right now and Opened Huge ones right now… and i was blind to them until today what doors where opened.. cause i just wanted to concentrate on the doors that were shut… i wanted to think well if those doors shut.. then they all should shut.. man im glad to have a roommate whom loves jesus and me too much… as i vented to him, he was like eric your dumb God has completely opened this door for you, and you need to take it, and you will.. then it clicked why arent i praising him still right now for that door being open? who cares about the other things, those will come when they are suppose to come, right now, i need to keeping working, and building my ministry, especially with the youth! god has opened a million doors since honestly may for me, and has expanded my territory beyoung my every thought, just with volunteering at the church now…  man

MY GOD IS GOOD, and it will always stay that way… thank you Jesus for storms, and days of complete confusing and blah.. because you are just shaping my mind and my heart for the future…GOD I GIVE YOU MY BODY TO DO WHAT YOU PLEASE WITH IT.. its not mine, even though at times i think it is.. this LIFE ISNT MINE, ITS ALL YOURS, EVERYTHING TO THE GLORY OF YOU AND NOT ME OR MAN…I WONT EVER PRAY FOR SAFETY I WILL PRAY YOUR WILL IS DONE AND ALL I DO IS TO FURTHER YOUR KINGDOM, I AM OBESSED WITH YOU JESUS!  I SURRENDER I SURRENDER I SURRENDER!



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