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for the Glory of Man or God?

Since writing blogs, i have recently been gettin bummed about, wondering if people actually read these… Ive heard of this, but I check to see if people made comments about me, and nothing there… then I kinda got depressed for a bit, cause I thought I had some ok stuff to share, but I dunno, maybe not, maybe caue im a bad writer.. i dunno… then a couple of minutes later, I felt super convicted….I love it! its like a non physical slap in you face saying wake up eRiC, man up… hah.. love it..

I thought who the heck am I writing this for you(to whom who is reading this) or for me, or for my God….and initially i wanted it to be for you, maybe to help you, where i struggled or uplifted you with cool stories, i dunno.. time to be real though… it was really for my God! I wanted this whole site to be to Glory God and nothing else, cause he is the Greatest and Best thing in my life, and will always be, not even my Wife or my Mother will even come close to how much I love Jesus, nope! sorry future wife! haha.. I will always choose God over anything, but do i? not always blah… i wish I couldnt sin sometimes.. but anyways back…I also do this, cause eric has probably one of the worst memories, ever in the history of mankind, all who know me very well know this.. im not kidding either, whether it cause of my birth(not joking either), or cause im just air-headed, i dunno.. but i will write these and day or two goes by, and ill re-read it, and be blown away.. im like wow who wrote this, this is actually pretty good.. then i laugh sometimes to, cause as I read I dont remeber typing this down at all.. which is also why its my journal…everybody should either journal or blog!

I heard awhile ago, before I believed it, that everything you do needs to be to the Glory of God…i laughed, as I said, I dont go to movies and think how can this glorify God, or I dont play Halo, and wonder how it can Glorify God! but should we? should everything we do, Glorify God, and not outselves? WHO WOULD YOU RATHER HEAR THE APPLAUSE FROM YOUR FRIENDS OR EVEN BETTER PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW OR GOD? ha that question, easy to answer, but very hard to do… atleast for me.. my whole life i have been known as the funny guy, eric makes us laugh…and I loved it! and still do, I love to make people laugh.. but for the majority of my life, definetly for the wrong reason, not for God, but cause it made me feel good inside…took awhile to realize this, but its true…

when I get recognition from others, the happiness only last for a few brief moments, but when I feel God fill me with his Holy Spirit.. wow does it feelĀ amazing, and lastest 10x longer! I take being full of the Holy Spirit then someone thanking me for a good job I did…..

so im going to bring it up again, before I go to sleep… i want you to rest on this and pray about it, and def ask for conviction in this area! cause I know I will!!!



July 25, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. I read blogs…..Just never really comment on them

    Comment by Joey | July 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. I love it, and you eric tulga. I want to hear the applause from God. fo sho.
    I blog sometime, I havent done it in awhile, but I need to. check it out, you know the bloggin for God sorta stuff, that’s right

    Comment by Brian | July 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. so since you said no one commented on your blog IN your blog, I thought for sure everyone would comment, so I wasnt going to, cuz then I would just be stupid….but since no one else did, I feel really special:
    I have been so blessed to see how incredibly different you are from when I knew you in High school. You are so uplifting and encouraging, and really just awesome! God is doing some really powerful stuff through you, and I am really encouraged to be able to see it and be uplifted by it.
    So KEEP IT UP!!!
    keep loving him and serving him whole heartedly and just wait because He has promised great things to those who love Him and serve Him…
    thats you!!
    Thank you so much for praying for me- I am really stubborn and fairly closed off-so its hard for me to ask people to pray for me-I Feel whinny when I do- so I am really grateful you I said…..your awesome/ you rock!
    God Bless Friend!

    Comment by Melissa | July 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. wow i really enjoyed reading your blog you have always been a man of few words so its cool to see what thoughts are in your head, i thank god almosst weekly that you are seeking his heart with such abandon and energy.the sandbox story did make me cry you were such a cute funny preschooler and you would have so much sand on you that you had to go stright to the shower after your little preschool, you still dragged sand into the house during the summer after surfing………

    Comment by mom | August 9, 2008 | Reply

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