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This past weekend had to have been the most powerful set of days i have ever had in my entire life! this weekend i went to a youth retreat called elevation for all who dont know, with all the youth of SeaCoast, yes middle school and high school… equalling out to 350 students.. yes thats a ton.. i started out when we were doing preplanning 11th grade, which i was totally stoked about, cause i know alot of 11th graders! but opps God has a different plan for me, to put my out of my comfort zone, dont you love when he does that! haha.. i was put 8 days before camp with the 8th graders, ewwww, was my first thought, A. i dont know any of them, o wait i do know my little sister and cousin, haha that makes two out of the biggest age group that went! LONG POINT 8TH GRADERS, more kids then any other group.. sounds like a challenge YES SIR! i wined and complained to myself, and a few friends, and had some 11th grade friends sad and mad at me.. but God is good.. soo i went, and bus ride up there not to bad.. went in my room.. oopps.. some how i got put in a room being the only leader with 20 8th boys.. i started to cry hahah jk.. my first thought was ha.. i will probably get 8hrs of sleep the whole 4 days we are here.. hah.. first day, was ok, until we got to the place where we worshiped, wow to see atleast 200kids raise there hands and dance and worship their God, was amazing! the second night, one of the best nights of my life.. John Bolin was speaking so i knew right away this is going to be powerful, cause that guy is amazing! we started to worship and have message at the same time soo different but amazing! God was 100% there that night! I didnt see a single kid sitting down, everyone was worshiping, the ones sitting down were praying.. i was in the corner singing and praying to God before we the leaders were going to pray over anyone who said yes.. when a little middle school girl, ran to me (I had my eyes closed) and grabbed me so tightly, balling her eyes out, i knew that cry, it was my little sister.  I hugged her as tight as I could,  I knew she just accepted Christ, I knew it was no joke either, cause this girl is very involved in church and small groups… After 2 mintues of hugging, I began to pray to God, as soon as I said Thank YOu Jesus! me and my sister dropped to the floor, we were both soo weak, and full of the holy spirit, I began to weep as well, I was soo soo Happy! I kept praying over her, both of us couldnt move. I stayed there with her for awhile, when a Leader came to me who was a girl, and ask me to pray for this guy that God was tuggin on her heart to do, so I asked her to stay with my sister, and she did. I went over to this guy.. to be honest, this kid had given me the most trouble out of anyone, and he was a leader so he was bringin people down with him, I knew something bigger then what i thought was his problem was happening.. we I went to him while he was singing and tapped on his shoulder while he was singing.. I ask can I pray for you, and he kinda looked at me weird then said yea sure.. I began to pray, I dont even know what was coming out of my mouth, God took of my whole body, the only thing i really remember, as I was praying I felt him began to hug me, and could feel him gettin weaker and weaker, almost like I had to hold him up the hole time, but I didnt hold him up cause I was already weak from before now even more flimsy… at that moment I felt every wall he had up for God shatter, and his heart break, and he began to cry and hug me as tight as possible, after I finished he hugged me and said thank you soo much bro.. i walked away, shaking, still gives me goose bumps..

After that night I thought completely different thoughts about them then before.. They are soo awesome! all the grades had team names and we were the Super Dupers(all the super heros), the kids came up with an amazing cheer, better then anyone else I think…and for the events they gave it there all for all of them, except a few kids thought they were cooler if they mouthed off and didnt do what we asked them to do, and after everyday a team was awarded the spirit stick and they got to write all over it, these kids told me on the last night, we have never won it our “year” every year has never won it.. i told them they needed to make sure nobody was slacking and make sure everyone got involved.. the last day was the mega relays.. during the relay which we won even though we had the biggest class, they came together like glue, it was soo beautiful! every kid was cheering and rooting eachother on.. as I ran up and down the field screaming i was soo impressed about how they were handling themselves. then after we won, they clapped and shook hands for the other kids, wow.. i was blown away.. they were sooo awesome! after the Game we won the spirit stick and I think some of them had tears, I think I did, cause it was a long weekend, and I wanted it for them soo bad!

This Weekend, just makes me realize HOW MUCH THESE KIDS NEED GOOD LEADERS IN THEIR LIVES! and if you arent a youth Leader, you should really consider it!


thought of my day…

DONT BE LUKEWARM Christian, cause they arent christians, DIE TO YOURSELF AND CARRYING YOUR CROSS!

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me. 25 If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. Matthew 16:24-25








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