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June 24th what a glorious day

Seabirdthis morning was awesome.. went to prayer group this morning but the guy with the key to get in didnt show up.. being 615am.. i understand sleeping in totally happens hah.. but.. sometimes this like that turn into beautiful things.. instead went to starbucks with  my friend jason, got some coffee and headed out to the beach with our boards to hopefully catch some gnarley waves..

715am.. rolls around.. no waves.. instead jason and I sang worship songs on the beach together, and listened to a message from a church in New York.. pretty powerful stuff.. I love listening to messages and being in what I think is one of the most amazing creations of God, the beach/waves.. soo beautiful.. as glassey waves broke, I listened about how awesome our God really is.. after that took it to the ocean around 830am the waves looked to be gettin better.. and yes they were about thigh to stomach high.. good stuff.. we sang worship songs while surfing together… man .. i love doing that soo much! praising our Lord and Savior while enjoying one of his beautiful creations!

had to leave around 930am.. to go to work for a couple of hrs.. with a guy who is such a blessing in my life for job/financial reasons.. Paul with ENGLISH CUSTOM CLOSETS.. even though sometimes I cant understand his english accent always.. ha.. He is such a man after Gods heart, He has such a giving heart, he rounds up on all my paychecks.. blows me away when i saw rounds up.. not like 5 dollars but a bunch.. and he is such a pleasure to do work with!

Went back to the beach.. waves even higher! oh man.. ps..i just got a new board.. a week ago.. havent riden it yet cause charleston=crappy waves for the most part.. hah.. but today was awesome! thursday is supposed to be the peanut butter and honey! (dont take that from me i just started that now)..btw one of my favorite sandys…

The song what played in my head and my car all day was… IN CHRIST ALONE… to trust in Christ alone.. man I love that song.. its soo simple yet soo huge.. TRUST IN CHRIST ALONE!.. i still lack in that area time and time, i know i trust him.. but its not always 100%.. i wish it was.. and i was thinking when you love someone you trust them completely.. soo then what if i dont trust God 100% that means I dont love him>? thats a good slap in the face! today was a good day for me yell over and over again.. that i trust in Christ alone.. nothing that is awesome! ISNT THAT AWESOME WE SERVE A GOD THAT DOESNT CHANGE HIS MIND!!!!!???!!!!! man that right there how could you not trust someone like that.. who always knew what you were going to do and where you will be in 10 or 15years.. why not trust him? the only reason i can think is you dont believe..





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YAY my first BLOG! its OFFICIAL, not facebook official but official enough!

Alright sweet, im stoked about starting this blog, one thing.. im probably going to have horrible grammer and bad spelling and bad punctuation.. but i dont crrr.. cause this is my blog! if you are reading it im stoked!

Im really glad Im starting one of these cause, My brain doesnt remember things very well for some reason, whether because of my birth or im just me. I need this to remember good thoughts and maybe it will help you with words of encouragment or i dont know ha.. My one hope with this blog, that it doesnt become something that I just write to myself, but other people read it, and that God brings people Ive never met in my life, and read it and maybe help them in any way or help me! I pray that with every blog it isnt me writing, even thought im probably going to use this to vent some real stuff…

I will be posting my everyday experiences and random thoughts throughout the day!

dont really know what to write yet.. but tomorrow will be good hopefully!

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